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The Smart Thermometer

Alerts, data logs, and monitoring help you and your family stay healthy.

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Predictive365 is the official distributor for Temp Pal.

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How it works

Just place Temp Pal® in the armpit, and it will automatically measure body temperature continuously, sending the readings to your smart device via bluetooth, and upload health data to the cloud. Temp Pal® is a CE certified medical device. 

Easy-to-use. Easy to connect with your smart device; app is simple and intuitive

Tiny and Light. Flexible and thin, bends with your body; hypoallergenic.

Reliable. Clinically certified thermometer provides accurate measurements; quick pairing and auto rescan keeps you connected.



A comfortable lightweight monitor connects via bluetooth to our app on your smartphone


The Temp Pal® application is intuitive and displays real-time temperature readings and historical temperature data


Through our cloud service, you will have remote and real-time access to your family's health data and historical logs


Engineered with a patent pending “miniature & flexible technology for seamless comfort and accuracy


Share realtime info with your healthcare providers for professional advice, and between caregivers


Over 36 hours use on a single charge and recharges in just 2 hours. Designed for continuous, long-term use

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Minimal and

smart design

LED indicator for charging status

Smart charging pod with magnetic cover

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USB Charger for quick recharge

3m adhesive patches

For families, family planning and medical care


Keep your loved ones safe and be in control of their health.


Temp Pal helps with your Fertility Awareness tracking, stress free!


CE certified medical grade stainless steel, accuracy +/- 0.05, for measuring basal body temperature


Quick setup

It's so simple and efficient, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Download the app

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