Temp Pal® is CE medical device certified, an innovative soft, wearable thermometer that continuously measure temperature and wirelessly sending temperature readings to a smartphone or tablet. Unlike traditional method,  Temp Pal® is tiny and flexible, child-friendly and does its job while the patient is sleeping.


  • 100% Medical TPE
  • Temp Pal® is a CE certified medical device
  • Smart & Wearable Thermometer Patch
  • Accuracy: reach +-0.05℃
  • Reusable: charge 2hrs can be used upto 48hrs
  • Bluetooth4.0: Easy and quick to pair. No harm to human body
  • Tracking and uploading data to the cloud, you can then monitor your tracking target anywhere.


The smart way to measure temperature.

A sick family member in the middle of the night. Feel Feeling nervous and anxiety during kid’s illness when you are working. Temp Pal delivers you the real-time temperature and fever alert through cloud service. No more sleepless nights, not to mention the priceless peace of mind. A real life solution--from one parent to another.


When you are ready to move forward to next life stage?

Charting your ovulation is one of the most important steps you can take to increase your chances of getting pregnant. However, there are some conditions to be obeyed: get up early, long period observation and record. Temp Pal records your temperature at the same, optimal time every day before you get up. With Temp Pal, you can have a good night’s SLEEP!


A real life solution for age 0 to 99.

Temp Pal is more than just a smart thermometer. It’s a health tracking solution that makes managing real life easier. Alerts、data logs and monitoring help you and your family stay healthy.


How Temp Pal Works

Connecting Temp Pal with your device via Bluetooth, and place Temp Pal in the armpit, it will automatically measure body temperature continuously.

*Group Cloud Monitoring

Through our cloud service, you can share any of the info with your healthcare providers for professional advice. That is both parents and other caregivers can view the condition of multiple users at the same time.

*Easy-to-Use App

Temp Pal app is a user-friendly interactive application.

*Reusable / Rechargeable

Designed for continuous、long-term use. To charge 2 hrs can be used upto 48hrs


Unique Features

˚Tiny and Light

Mini size, light and easy to use, exquisite workmanship, feel comfortable Detailed dimensions: 28 mm * 26 mm * 3.5 mm (Length * Width * Thickness) Slightly larger than a dollar coin, weighs only: 3 g, only 1/3 of a dollar coin weight


Using medical-grade Composite TPE material and adopting 3M adhesive medical tape from the US. It is soft ,skin -friendly breathable hypoallergenic, adaptable to body curve bonding the skin comfortably.


Verify and approved by the United State and European thermometer standards. Provides accurate temperature measurements with the accuracy of +/- 0.05 ˚C

Smart Wearable

Using Temp Pal® solution with cloud database services through Bluetooth and your mobile device connecting wirelessly, you can now access real time temperature data and react on real time alert. With One to One and many to many real-time temperature data sharing makes monitoring easier for caretaker on patients or family members.


Verified ISO 10993 biocompatible-proof, Temp Pal® does not cause irritation, allergies and it is non-toxic. Medical grade stainless steel forming technology, waterproof and sweat-proof. Continuous use will not be hot to skin. It is safe and worry-free.



Temp Pal

  • Name Temp Pal® Premium
    Description Length:28mm, Width:26mm, Thickness:3.5mm, Weight:3g
    Anti-Allergy Contact 3M Double Sided Medical Adhesive SUS304 stainless steel medical grade
    Measurement Range 89.6-107.6˚F(32-42˚C)
    Accuracy Verified ISO 80601-2-56 / ASTM E1112-2000 Clinical Thermometer Standard 0.09°F(±0.05°C)
    Measuring placement Armpit
    Response Time Temperature sensing every 10s(or 30s, 60s depending on selected mode). Once applied to the armpit, Temp Pal® require up to 5 minutes to reach stable reading
    Communication Range Up to 15 feet (up to 5 meters) when applied to armpit
    Power Source Rechargeable battery: Charging time:2.5 Hours, Operating Time:up to 36 Hours
    Water and Dust Resistance IP34,Protected from water spray from any direction
    Reference to Standards CE medical device certified,GMP,EN 12470-4,IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2,IEC60601-6, IEC60601-11, ISO 14971,IEC / EN 62366,IEC / EN 62366, ISO 10993-1,-5,-10
    Compatible Devices Smart phone, Tablet with Bluetooth® version4.0 running Apple® operating system IOS8.0 or later or Android™ operating system 5.0 or later