Temp Pal FAQ.


What is the level of electromagnetic wave from Temp Pal® ? Will it pose risks to children?

Temp Pal® is a BLE (bluetooth low energy) product, and it has very low radiation with emitting only 1/160000 electromagnetic wave of usual cell phone radiation. So please do not worry about the impact of radiation on children.

What are the key benefits of Temp Pal® ?

Temp Pal® ensures a better, more convenient and more accurate temperature care than traditional thermometers.
For child care, Temp Pal® brings peace of mind to parents with remote monitoring.
For moms-to-be, Temp Pal® frees you from early morning basal body temperature measurements.

How is Temp Pal® different from traditional thermometers?

Traditional thermometer can only measures single, instant temperature moment manually. Temp Pal® brings a much better solution for temperature care. See the differences in features below:

What is the normal body temperature and what are the symptoms of a fever?

Most people may have heard that the “normal” body temperature is 98.6°F (37°C). This number is only an average. Your body temperature may be slightly higher or lower. A number of factors can influence your body temperature, including your age, gender, time of day, and activity level.
Here are references for normal body temperature ranges and symptoms of a fever:
Note that Temp Pal® measures armpit temperature that is approximate +- 0.05°C to the core body temperature.
* Table References:
- Extracted from Massachusetts Department of Public Health “Fever and the Flu” Fall 2007
- https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323819.php

Does Temp Pal® use rechargeable battery?

Temp Pal® uses eco-friendly, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Full charge only takes 2-hours. The device typically lasts 36 hours on a full charge. To increase longevity of the battery, we suggest you always charge up Temp Pal™ in its exclusive oval-shaped charger after use.

Is Temp Pal® water-proof?

Temp Pal® is sweat-proof and water-resistant. While we have passed IP 34 water-proof certification, Temp Pal® is still a electronic device, so we would suggest users to store Temp Pal™ in dry places, and avoid splashing liquid on Temp Pal®.

What is Temp Pal®’s specification in detail?

How to pair Temp Pal® ?

How to use cloud function? Make sure the "cloud computing function" is on.

How to add friends into Friend List? For multiple monitoring users.

How does sharing authorization works? For sharing cloud monitoring data.

How to increase the range on your bluetooth device?

For better bluetooth coverage, held your mobile device in upright and move to a higher position off the ground.

Why does a single e-mail only matches one account for the APP?

To support the account for a real user using Temp Pal® smart thermometer patch.

What's the best mechanisms that ensures constant monitoring for a long period of time?

1. To be sure your mobile device will not go on to sleep mode.
Go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Auto-lock choose Never.
2. Use a spare smart device (smart phone or ipad) as monitoring station and share the monitoring information for multiple caretakers through the cloud function. (look up Q8 how to use cloud function and Q10 how to share authorization and cloud monitoring data )